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London Caller on Out the Window
Handy if you feel hungry at night! I see the M sign!!

kairospix on Ruffles
hi Ruffles! he's so cute!

Stunner on Ground Orchid
Very nice shot!

Stunner on Light House
Nice shot Scratchie, I see you went to Port Royal!

Bob on Light House
Interesting shaped lighthouse. Almost looks like a rocket ship ready to blast off.

Kaddy on Ground Orchid
Nice Pic....I liked the way you blurred the background... u used the macro mode or did u take this pic using manual ...

Reza on Now this is "Still Life"
Niche moment you have captured. It`s really Still life , lol

Stunner on Unspoilt Coastline
Wonderful shot Scratchie! I want to go to Portland, but drive the St. Thomas route to take some photos of the cliffs!

Stunner on Now this is "Still Life"
Scratchie a weh yuh ketch dah shot yah! Great picture man!

Richard_Irwin on Now this is "Still Life"
Well spotted, a moment you definitely couldn't pass by without photographing. Also top marks to the excellent ...

Imarchi on Now this is "Still Life"
hahaha, the title is reall funny. Yes, the scene is really good, one of those "i have to take picture of ...

Dornbrau on Now this is "Still Life"
This is such a cool picture, I love coming across scenes like this.

Richard_Irwin on Unspoilt Coastline
Looks like a great place for fishing, lovely blue sea and tranquil coastline

Stunner on Classic Vette
That's a stunning hot rod!

Dan Meyers on Olds
Nice Oldsmobile. I take it you were at a car show judging from the past auto posts? I like the color of the Olds!

Stunner on Lips
I see you're experimenting Scratchie. I have a shot similar to that and was wondering if I should post it. I think ...

Stunner on Taking on Shaq
Great shot Scratchie! You caught her right in the act! lol

Wishmaker on Taking on Shaq
She looks like a model! Perfect pose for a photoshot!

Sarah on Trees
nice contrast of textures. and the clouds add an interesting effect. great shot.

Brittney on Taking on Shaq
She is so cute! Nice one.

Sarah on Taking on Shaq
Great shot! My lab kills basketballs, too.... :)

Dan Meyers on Taking on Shaq
Humorous photo. Nice work! The ball does look a little beat up.

Jerry on Taking on Shaq
She is welcome to the ball Scratchie! :-) Awesome pet portrait!

Stunner on Nature's Colours
Lovely colours Scratchie.

owen on Illusion
sweet. you can tell its very small because of the size of the shadow below it. you need less light

owen on Idleness
how do you prevent people from stealing it?

owen on Clouds
there is nothing like a clear blue sky in jamaica

owen on Contact
everybody has a razor :|

frenchyboy on Coloured Classic
nice car and photo... my son love it....

KM Faisal on Coloured Classic
nice prespective

Dan Meyers on Coloured Classic
Thanks for posting the color version. The blue on the right is quite vivid. Not to sound like a pain that asked for ...

Stunner on Morning View
It still turned out to be a nice shot though.

Reza on Morning View
It's a nice shot though.

Dan Meyers on Pontiac
Great image! You said it is red. I would love to see it shine in color.

Ga on Flower at a Friend's
Nice shoot....check the lizard out

Ga on High School
Which school is this?....

Stunner on Contact
i man bun fyah fi Motorolla phones. Samsung or Nokia for me.

Stunner on Craft
Nice shot and composition Scratchie! very nice work by your wife too.

ac on Contact
I bought this phone on eBay and UPS lost it!!!! cool picture

Reza on Contact
Nice shot.

Laurent on Pontiac
I like this car and this picture. Thanks for the eyes. Do u have one like this ? Have a good day :-) A big hello from ...

Sidonie on Pontiac
She's a butch one! I've found that if you crouch down a bit, lowering the camera, you get an even better shot ...

Reza on Pontiac
Nice shot in B & W.

KM Faisal on Pontiac
very creative and great find awesome shot

Stunner on Pontiac
Nice black and white Scratchie. Those muscle cars look mean!

Scratchie on High School
Thank You.

KM Faisal on High School
nice compositon

Dan Meyers on Illusion
Nice close up. I did a similar theme back in January featuring the Chevy Avalanche Hotwheels car. The fact your BMW ...

Stunner on Fishing
Well Sir Scratchie, i didn't notice you had a photoblog on aminus! i have been through your photos and you have ...

objectif-plume on Fishing
superbe barque perdue sur un fleuve géant très belle photo

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